Code of Conduct for Student-Teachers

Professional Code of Conduct for Student-Teachers

  1. Respect national values of secularism, socialism, democracy, and fraternity.
  2. Respect the dignity of others irrespective of their caste, creed, language, and culture.
  3. Respect and follow the rules of the Institute with utmost care and conviction.
  4. Be punctual and utilize learning resources provided by the Institute.
  5. Wear a modest dress that conforms to the expected appearance of a teacher.
  6. Maintain the time frame given by Teacher-Educators to complete expected works.
  7. Conserve nature and reduce pollution.
  8. Make use of power and water judiciously and inculcate sustainable practices.
  9. Keep the surroundings of the campus clean.
  10. Maintain a culture of give-and-take respect whenever interacting with staff and other fellow Student-Teachers.