Campus & Infrastructure

The Institution campus is bounded by A.G. Road in the south and a flowing river running across from west to north. There are two big beautifully erected buildings of five storeys and four storeys respectively. These buildings are built facing the South and the East directions. The buildings are backed up with Power UPS in the event of any power failure. The buildings are also installed with fire extinguishers in different floors and locations.

The Institution campus covering around 1-acre of land includes the canteen and the staff quarter. The canteen is across the flowing stream and it is connected by an aesthetically built concrete bridge. Also, one can enjoy walking down the footpaths under the shade of trees while going to the canteen. During the autumn season, one can witness the blooming of cherry blossom at its best. This is the time when one can witness students rushing for photographs and selfies.

The Institution also provides clean drinking water facilities and separate toilets for both male and female Student-Teachers. The institution has four water reservoirs.

The institution provides free Wi-Fi, internet connection for both staff and Student-Teachers.

The library is another important place where students are provided with a good collection of books, journals, magazines and newspapers besides the online materials. Faculty as well as Student-Teachers are given INFLIBNET facilities for online reading.There are computers, photocopy machine attached for Student-Teachers use. Common study tables and carrel are placed for comfort reading.

In addition, there is a huge Auditorium, well lit and ventilated to host any events and programs. It is installed with projector, sound system and stage area.

Conference Hall is also available for any seminars and meetings.