Alumni Association – MITEKAA

The Organization “Modern Institute of Teacher Education Kohima Alumni Association (MITEKAA)” was established in 2012 to provide ex-mitean with a platform to bond with their Alma matter and their classmates.

The organization is run by an executive body comprising of President, Vice-President, General Secretary, Joint Secretary, Treasurer, Women Co-ordinator, Information & Publicity Secretary and four representatives of the different batches. Term of each post is for two years. The organization is run on the basis of an annual subscription and donation.

The Constitution

The Constitution Of MITEKAA

The Modern Institute of Teacher education Kohima Alumni Association (MITEKAA) was started in 2012. The aim of the association is to keep in touch with our Alma Mater, and our friends and colleagues whom we met in the days at Modern Institute of Teacher Education Kohima. The aim of the association is to give back to the college and the society at large some of the precious gifts we have received from it. The motto of the association is: “True Education”.


With the aim of attaining “True Education and self-reliance the Modern Institute of Teacher Education Kohima Alumni Association is made up of past students who have organized themselves into an Association attached to Modern Institute of Teacher Education. Hereby, enacted this Constitution on this day the Nineteenth Day of April, Two Thousand and Thirteen with the following Articles:

Article I. Title, Motto, Emblem:
  1. Title: The Official name of the Association shall be Modern Institute of Teacher Education Kohima Alumni Association and abbreviated form shall be MITEKAA.
  2. Motto: The motto of the Association shall be “True Education”.
  3. Emblem:
Article II. Aims of the Association:
The general aims of the Association are:

  • To keep in touch with and animate all students who passed out from Modern Institute of Teacher Education Kohima so as to help them to preserve, develop and live the values of the teacher education they received;
  • To uphold and promote the value and the rights of the human person and the family;
  • Maintaining a close contact with the Alma Mater, Modern Institute of Teacher Education Kohima, by providing a ‘feed-back’ to it and collaborating in its growth and development.
  • The Association will Endeavour to keep alive the ties of fraternal friendship initiated by Modern Institute of Teacher Education Kohima.
Article III. Objectives:
The Association shall operate as a non-profit organization.

  • To maintain permanent historical records of Students.
  • A regular meeting shall be held twice during the Academic year.
  • To provide support service to M.I.T.E.
  • To maintain strong relationship with academic units in order to fulfill short-terms and long-terms goals.
  • To Maintain an effective Alumni Association by continually infusing interested and Dynamic Alumni Leadership that provide pro-experience, creative thinking, open mindedness and diverse personal and cultural backgrounds for the benefit of Alumni Association and college.
Article IV. Eligibility and Membership:
  • Eligibility: The membership is open to all the staffs and students of Modern Institute of Teacher Education.
  • Membership fee: Every bona-fide and Associate members shall pay Registration-cum-membership fee.
  • The General Body shall decide the Registration & membership fee at the year end.
Article V. The General Body:
  • The General body shall comprise of all the bona-fide member, associate member , executive council, executive committee and any existing sub-committees and special committees.
  • The general body shall be the highest decision making body of the Association.
  • The General Body shall have the power to impeach any of the Association if found working against the principle(s) of the constitution.
  • The decision of the General Body with 2/3 majority of the members present in the meeting shall be final.
  • Candidate to various posts of the association shall be through the General Body by election.
Article VI. Task of the Association:
  • To uphold the Annual General Assembly (AGA).
  • To hold programs for the on-going formation of the past students so that they, as individuals and groups, grow in their awareness of the obligations of being members of the Association.
Article VII. Tasks of the Annual General Assembly:
  • To pass resolutions on the activities of the Association.
  • To approve the Annual Report and the Statement of Accounts.
  • To elect the Committee members of the Association.
  • To fix membership subscription.
Article VIII. The Executives:
The Executive Committee is the executive organ and shall be comprised of the following.

  1. President
  2. Vice President
  3. General Secretary
  4. Joint Secretary
  5. Treasurer
  6. Women Co-coordinator
  7. Information and Publicity Secretary
  8. Asst. Information and Publicity Secretary
  9. Two Representatives from each batch
  10. Advisor
Article IX. Tenure:
  • The calendar year of the Association shall be from January – December.
  • The executives of the Association can be re-elected for another term.
  • The tenure of the special committee(s) and sub-Committee(s) shall be time bound and dissolved after the completion of the respective project/term.
  • The tenure of the Executives shall be for a period of two years.
Article X. Powers and Functions of the Association Executives:

1. The Association President:

  • The president is the head of the association and represents the Association in all its dealings.
  • He/she convenes the Annual General Assembly, the Association Committee meetings and all other meetings of the Association. He/she prepares the agenda for these meetings and presides over them.
  • He/she ensures that all committee members carry out their duties diligently and in keeping with the regulations.
  • After every major activity, he/she conducts an evaluation of it. Besides that, periodically he/she makes an assessment of the overall performance of the Association (membership, finances, formation, deliberations carried out, etc).
  • The president shall assume the post of any vacancy with its powers and functions until an appointment is done to fill up the vacant seat(s) in consulting with the executive body.
  • The president shall have the power to summon or adjourn all the General Body and emergency meetings
  • The president shall determine the majority in case of a tie.
  • The president shall have the discretion to draw up to Rupees 10000 (Ten Thousand annually) without the approval of the Executive Committee for any emergency purpose and shall be reported in the next meetings.

2. The Association Vice-President:

  • He /she take the place of the President in his/her absence.
  • He/she is present at all Committee meetings and assists the President in his/her duties.
  • The Vice President shall have the authority to accept the resignation of the President in consultation with the Association Officials.

3. The General Secretary:

  • He/she keeps up-to-date the list of the members and the list of all the past students of the institution.
  • He/she prepares and sends out notices for meetings of the Executive Committee and of the AGA.
  • He/she attends to the correspondence of the Association.
  • He/she draws up the minutes of the meetings of the Committee and of the AGA and presents the same at the meetings.
  • He/she prepares the chronicles and statistics of the Association and maintains the documentation pertaining to the Association.
  • He/she looks after and preserves the archives of the Association, taking special care to file all correspondence and to keep them up-to-date.
  • He/she keeps the President informed of all happenings in the Association and ensures that no decision is made or any correspondence goes out of the office without the President’s knowledge and consent.
  • On the completion of his/her tenure, he/she hands over all files and documentation regarding the Association to the incoming Secretary.
  • In the absence of the President & Vice President, the General Secretary shall act as the President till the new President and Vice President is elected.

4. The Joint Secretary:

  • He/she takes the place of the Secretary in his/her absence.
  • He/she is present at all Committee meetings and assists the Secretary in his/her duties.
  • He/she will assist the secretary in all matters pertaining to the Association.

5. The Treasurer:

  • He/she receives subscriptions, donations and any other income, and accounts for the same.
  • He/she prepares the internally audited Statement of Accounts to be approved by the AGA.
  • He/she maintains the registers and books of accounts and carries out the administrative acts.
  • He/she deposits the money of the Association in a Bank account in the name of the Association which is to be operated by two signatories (any two from among President, Secretary and Treasurer).
  • On completion of his/her tenure, he/she hands over to the incoming treasurer all registers, books, cash and documents relating to finance.

6. Women Co-coordinator:

The women coordinator shall assists in conducting various seminars, workshops and other events of the Association.

7. Information and Publicity Secretary:

He/she keeps the Association Delegate informed of how things are in the Association and what happens in meetings which the Delegate is unable to attend.

8. Asst. Information and Publicity Secretary:

He/ she shall assist the information secretary and various committees as and when delegated in order to coordinate and networking with appropriate organization.

9. Two Representatives from each batch:

  • The representative to MITEKAA shall be the member of the Association and shall be from each batch.
  • The Representatives consisting of One Male and One Female from every batch.

10. Advisor:

The Ex-President of the Association will be the Advisor .if he/she is not removed from the office of the President.

Article-XI : Executive Committee
A. Composition:
The Executive Committee shall be formed by the Executive Council and the Advisory Board.

B. Power & Functions:

  1. The Executive Committee shall exercise and control over the finance of the Union.
  2. To constitute the Sub-Committee(s).
  3. To approve or reject the report of the sub-committee(s).
  4. To approve or reject the report of the General Secretary.
  5. The executive Committee shall execute all the matters resolved by the Executive Council and the General Body.
  6. The Executive Committee shall have the power to expel or appoint any member from the Union.
  7. The Executive Committee shall appoint any eligible member to the Union Officer’s post that lies vacant.
  8. The Executive Committee shall appoint Special Committee(s) as and when need arises.
  9. A special meeting for any reason or discussion of any topic or subject may be called by the Executive Committee at any time.
Article-XII: Advisory Board
  1. The Union will have an Advisory Board, who will advise and guide in the functioning of the Union which is advisory in nature and not binding.
  2. The Out-going President provided his/her conduct and service to the Union is satisfactory, he/she will be ex-officio of the advisory Board, as per the Article VIII-14(ii).
  3. The Advisory Board will be the members of the Executive Committee and Executive Council.
Article XIII. Quorum:

All meeting of the Association shall be conducted with simple majority.

Article: XIV. Finances:

The Association can receive subscriptions, donations and grants from individuals and organizations.

Article XV. Election:
  • The Executive shall be selected during the general body meetings.
  • The Association shall have General Election in the year end with reference to the Academic Session.
  • In case of tie the vote of the election committee shall be final.
  • In case there is no candidates for any post, the Executive Committee shall appoint eligible member within 2(two) months.
Article XVI. Impeachment:

Any member shall be impeached for misconduct. This impeachment vote shall require a two-third majority vote.

Article XVII. Adoption of the Constitutions:

The constitutions of the Association will be approved by the Governing Body.

Article XVIII. Amendments:
  • Any provision of the constitution can be moved by the executive committee or five or more members of the executives for amendment/revision.
  • The Executive Committee may move for amendment of the Constitution with the supportive explanatory memo which should be approved by the General Body.
  • Any provision of this Constitution shall stand amend/revised/repealed by 2/3 of the members present. And it shall be presented to the general meeting for approval.

MITEKAA Executives

The following executive members were elected on the 10th September, 2022 in the college premises.

List of Current MITEKAA Executive Members (as on 10th September, 2022).


1PresidentMs. Kazhϋni Mahrio
2Vice-PresidentMs. Kimiyekali Jimo
3Gen. SecretaryMs. Chokhoni Charakho
4Finance SecretaryMs. Monica Chakre
5Info & Pub SecretaryMs. Linito S. Tuccu