The Founder

Modern Institute of Teacher Education (MITE) is the result of the vision of the founder Late Dr. S. Hekha Mao.

Late Dr. S. Hekha Mao was born on March 1, 1950 in Shajouba Village, Senapati District, Manipur: Having completed his schooling at Mao Maram High School, Tadubi, he went to D. M. College, Imphal for his P.U. Science. He then came to Kohima Science College, Jotsoma for his B. Sc. where he was also elected the first General Secretary of the Students Union.

While studying at Kohima Science College, he was selected for the B. V. Sc & A.H. course at JNKVV, Jabalpur, Madhya Pradesh.

Education was something that was always close to his heart and he went on to pursue other fields to enhance his knowledge:

– M.Sc in Animal Breeding. (Punjab Agricultural Univ. Ludhiana)
– M.Sc in Homoeo. (Premier Homoeopathic Medical College, Chandigarh)
– M.D. in Homoeo. (Premier Homoeopathic Medical College, Chandigarh)

He joined the Veterinary and Animal Husbandry Department, Govt. of Nagaland and served in various capacities including one as the Principal of Veterinary Field Assistant (V.F.A.) Training Institute, Medzhiphema. He retired as the Director of the Department in February 2007.

A social activist at heart, his concern for the society took him towards the path of education. In 1997, Modern Academy and Modern College were born with the motto “True Education”. He realized that teachers without adequate training are unable to motivate students and cannot create a conducive atmosphere in the classroom. Therefore, seeing the gap in the teaching process, Late Dr. S. Hekha Mao envisioned that Teachers need to be trained for the quality of education in our state to improve.

In 2008, his pursuit to establish MITE started. When some provisions of the NCTE Act prevented the establishment of Private Teacher Education Colleges in the hill district of Nagaland, his effort through Litigation in the court was a significant achievement that initiated the establishment of Private B.Ed. Colleges in Kohima. Sadly, he did not live long enough to see the commencement of the institute as he passed away on February 28, 2011. MITE formally opened on March 1, 2012, on the 62nd birth anniversary of the founder, as the fourth B.Ed. College of Nagaland and first Private B.Ed. College in Kohima. The work is now being continued by his wife, Mrs. A. Kaisa heading as the Chairperson of the Society.

With each passing day, we believe we are moving one step closer to our Motto “True Education”.

“He took the road less travelled, for you.”

Motto, Mission, Vision & Values

Motto: “True Education”

Mission: “To be a centre of excellence and institute of choice for the cause of True Education”


  • To achieve greater heights in the field of education by empowering those who teach.
  • To empower our Student-Teachers through modern education and technology.
  • To develop all round personality of our Student-Teachers on progressive lines.
  • To provide linkage between academia and society.

Values: “Learn to Teach” and “Teach to Learn”


Modern Society of Education is a Non-governmental and Non-profit earning organization; registered under Section-4 of the Nagaland First Amendment Act 1969 with Certificate of Regd.NO.H/RS-4667.

The Society comprises of eight members namely viz; the chairperson, the secretary and six other members. They are:

  • A. Kaisa, Chairperson
  • Pelee Hekha, Secretary
  • Kapani Hekha, Member
  • Nishini Hekha, Member
  • Komow Hekha, Member
  • Kavani Hekha, Member
  • Charani Hekha, Member
  • Krelee Hekha, Member

The main Aims and Objectives are to:

  1. Seek excellence in imparting education and fulfill the needs of the students.
  2. Create appropriate environment for providing True and Quality Education.
  3. Provide modern education with special emphasis on moral and ethical instruction as well as physical education, nurturing character building, tolerance and co-operation.
  4. Strife for excellence in every field of endeavor.
  5. Provide maximum opportunities in the college to encourage initiatives, self-reliance and leadership qualities.
  6. Pay special effort to identify and develop any special ability and talent that the students may have.
  7. The society will be managed by a Board of Directors.
  8. Separate programme objectives for different institutions shall be made.

The “Society” at present holds and control over the Modern Institute of Teacher Education too.

Governing Body

Governing body constituted of the following members.

Sl NoNameDesignation
1Mrs. A. KaisaChairperson
2Mr. Pelee Hekha, Managing DirectorMember
3Mr. Kaikho Losii, Development ManagerMember
4Mrs. Chanini LokhoMember
5Dr. Nishini Hekha, Consultant, Dept. of Radiology, Zion Hospital and Research Centre, DimapurMember
6Mr. Theose Thongtsar, R.D. Officer, Dept. of Rural DevelopmentMember
7Mr. John Makhabo, Director In-charge, NYKSMember
8Dr. Kate Dandesh Kumar, Principal, MITEEx-officio Member
9Ms. Narola Chuba, NU Representative to MITEEx-officio Member
10Ms. Kavani Hekha, IQAC Co-ordinatorMember

Recognition & Affiliation

The Modern Institute of Teacher Education is recognized by National Council for Teacher Education (NCTE), Eastern Regional Committee, a statutory Body of the Government of India and by University Grants Commission (UGC) under Section 2(f) of the Act, 1956.

The College is affiliated to Nagaland University.




UGC Recognition-2013

University Affiliation 2023-24